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Bryce IconMilton Friedman, Nobel Laureate and American economist said: "There is no such thing as a free lunch" . So very true when it comes to online communities like Renderosity, 3DCommune and deviantART. If you don't pay for something you shouldn't expect very much in the way of service, control of content, privacy, security and personalisation. While on the one hand online art communities are wonderful places to display your work and to meet kindred spirits, I personally find them to be rather unfriendly and restrictive on ones individuality. is host to a small number of very talented individuals - all Bryce enthusiasts - and my friends. Each gallery or "website" is under the complete control of its owner and Bryce-Alive encourages them to express their own artistic individuality through their gallery.

Gallery 1

"This website contains my personal on-line gallery. It covers most of my work as an artist from the late seventies to the present day. Not a great hoard of work, (I have always been slothful and slow in production) but enough to show you my repertoire, and a small glimpse into the twisted imaginings of David Wiles , aka Hamfast.

"This non-commercial site provides 3D graphic artists with models of real gemstones, as well as jewelry related information for use in artwork. The models, tutorials and information are all free for any non-commercial use. All I ask is that if you find any thing here to be of use, please send a 'thank you' email to the designers. Earn a few karma points, and let them know their work is appreciated..."


From the website of Rosemary Regan: "To sum up my life briefly: I went to college, earned a B.A. in Biology at UCLA, got a series of jobs, paid the bills. I then realized that I really wanted to do something to please myself, not the IRS, so I am back at school (part-time) at the local community college to study Graphic Design for multimedia. I've done artwork all my life, so I thought it was about time to turn it into a new career. Currently on the study agenda: Director, 3DStudio Max, DeBabelizer, advanced Photoshop, and anything else that furthers my goals.''


This website contains artwork by Darren Davy, created over the last decade. Darren studied for an NVQ in I.T back in 1998-1999, he then went on to study for a National Diploma in Design for multimedia in 1999-2001, he enjoyed it so much he decided to study for the Higher National Dilpoma, He's been addicted to 3D graphics and design ever since, I hope you enjoy his website.

Random Replicate Tool

Prior to Bryce 6, you would have to replicate an object yourself and then move the object to another location in the scene - when creating a forest, for instance. This replication and manual tweaking lead to a feeling of unnatural ordering in many instances. This new feature makes it easy to create the complex distribution of an object after replication, allowing you to set the number or replications and several other parameters to give you a truely "random" appearence.

Creating tree lines or a scattered rocks will now look more natural and require less work on the part of the artist. [more...]